I started using pure ingredients in cooking a long time ago. When the whole family’s diet was in order, I turned my attention to skin care. I wanted my skin care products to be as pure and natural as my food. I became passionate about natural treatment of my system. That is when my son and I decided to start a business to promote awareness of natural body care.

We wanted to bring together organic ingredients and professional manufacturing processes. While the ingredients define the quality of the end product, the refinement stage is crucial in deciding whether you actually get there. We had just the right background for combining top-grade ingredients with professional manufacturing processes. In our experience, this kind of a concept is in demand.
Our first product was the RimitaPrima soap, still available. We found this miracle product from Portugal so great that we decided to start a business and import it to Finland. In a way, we are still on the same path, but today, in addition to import activities, we manufacture skin care products in Finland from pure Nordic ingredients.

We started with offering just a few skin care products. In addition to RimitaPrima, these included RimitaGOLD argan oil and RimitaDEO organic deodorant. These three products had in common the same thing that still connects all our products today: they were top-quality alternatives in their own product categories.
Rimita Green is a family business, run by mother and son. What is somewhat unusual is that we are both founding members. Working with family members has taught us to always treat things as things and people as people. With such dynamics, differences cannot be taken personally. We have also learned to appreciate each other through the collaboration.

For us as Ostrobothnians, quality has always been at the heart of the concept. We don’t compromise on it – and this applies to products and service alike. Our philosophy also includes the principles of simplicity we adopted from cooking. We use only the best ingredients, and nothing else. This is the recipe for the Rimita products, the purpose of which is to make your life better.

We aim to listen to our customers, to react quickly to your wishes, and to be among the first to offer new products. Being a small business, we are in an excellent position to do so. If you wish to leave us feedback or you want to contact us for another reason, don’t hesitate to do so through the channel of your choice – call us, send us email or reach out to us in social media.
Entrepreneurship is a way of life. It’s not easy, but it is a way of being part of the change we want to see in the world. Entrepreneurship provides us a way of promoting our values – of promoting pureness, naturalness and well-being in people’s lives.

Being a two-generation family business, we can guarantee the continuity of our operations far into the future. Ecological body care improves your quality of life in the long term, and we want to be there for you, supporting this lifestyle, all the way.